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Logo of National Emblem of India


Shri. C.P. Radhakrishnan
His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor Government of Puducherry
Image of Shri. C.P. Radhakrishnan Office : +91-413-2334051
Fax : +91-413-2334025
Email : lg[at]py[dot]gov[dot]in
Dr. Sharat Chauhan, I.A.S, (AGMU:1994)
Chief Secretary To Government
Image of Dr Sharat Chauhan, I.A.S Office : +91-413-2334145
Fax : +91-413-2337575
Email : cs[at]py[dot]gov[dot]in
Shri. M. Raju, I.A.S (AGMU:2005)
Commissioner-cum-Secretary To Government (Labour)
Image of Shri. M. Raju Office : +91-413-2233302
Fax : -
Email : secylab[at]py[dot]gov[dot]in
Shri. Yasam Lakshmi Narayana Reddy
Commissioner Of Labour
Image of Thiru. YLN Reddy Office : +91-413-2279211
Email : lc[at]py[dot]gov[dot]in

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