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Catering Establishment Act, 1964

The Puducherry Catering Establishments Act, 1964

The Act provides for the regulation of the condition of work in catering establishments and for certain other purposes in the Union Territory of Puducherry.

The procedure for registration of Catering Establishments is as follows:

The employer seeking registration of Catering Establishments shall furnish a statement in Form-I prescribed under the Puducherry Catering Establishments Rules, 1964 together with the fees to the concerned Inspector for registration.

Number of Workers Amount (in Rupees)
No Persons employed 30
Does not exceed 5 100
Exceeds 5 but does not exceed 10 200
Exceeds 10 but does not exceed 20 350
Exceeds 20 but does not exceed 50 1000
Exceeds 50 but does not exceed 100 2000
Exceed 100 and above 2500


Renewal of a registration Certificate before the date of expiry and fees are same as specified for Registration.


The Labour Officers and the Assistant Inspectors of Labour have been declared as inspectors under this act.

Time Limit

The time limit for Registration / Renewal is One Day.

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