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Annual Safety Award For Factories

In order to stimulate and maintain an awareness of the importance of safety at work place by the management, the Government of Puducherry, has instituted Annual Safety Awards for the Occupiers of the Factories, who have contributed substantially to the cause of safe work conditions and improvement of Environment in the Factories and the matters connected there with, in the Union Territory of Puducherry vide G.O. Ms. No. 92/Lab/2000 dated 16th June 2000

Safety Award Committee
The composition of the Safety Award Committee will be as follows:-

SI. No. Committee Post
1 The Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Puducherry Chairman
2 A Representative from the Regional Labour Institute, Ministry of Labour, Government of India, Chennai Member
3 The Director, Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Puducherry Member
4 A Representative from the Electricity Department, Puducherry, not below the rank of Executive Engineer Member
5 The Joint Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Puducherry Member Secretary

Eligibility For The Award
The Awards are open to the following Factories who display outstanding contribution and achieve effective results in safety and improvement of environment at work place

  1. The Factories which have worked less than 1lakh man-hours in the contest year
  2. Fatal Accident should not have occurred in the contest year
  3. The Factories should not have been convicted for breach of any of the Statutory Safety provisions during the contest year

Criteria For Awards
The Safety Awards Committee would among other things, take into account the following criteria

  1. The reduction in weighted frequency rate of accident when compared with the previous year and the longest accident free period in man-hours during the contest year based on the application received from the Management of the Factories
  2. House keeping, safety provisions, awareness on safety programmes and environment based on the Inspection conducted by the Awards Committee

Classification of Awards

Group "A"
Factories manufacturing Chemicals and Factories covered under the "Control on Industrial major accident hazards rules - 1992 ". - Honorable Chief Minister's Rolling Trophy with Merit Certificate

Group "B"
zardous Factories as listed in the First Schedule of the Factories Act,1948 other than the Factories coming under Group - A . - Honorable Labour Minister Rolling Trophy with Merit Certificate

Group "C"
Non-Hazardous Factories and Factories not coming under Group - A and Group - B. - Labour Secretary Rolling Trophy with Merit Certificate

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