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Boilers Registration License Renewal

In this office of the Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, the Inspector of Boilers section is functioning. The activities of the Inspector of Boiler is to ensure safe working conditions of the boilers as per the statutory provisions framed under the Indian Boilers Act, 1923 and the Puducherry Boiler Rules 1988. The Indian Boiler Regulations 1950 provides guidelines for the manufacture of Boilers and its accessories; to inspect and certify the boiler coming under the purview of Boiler Regulations 1950

Registration of Boilers
Any new boiler manufacture under Indian Boiler Regulations 1950, shall be registered in the Union Territory of Puducherry and also be assigned a Registry Number. The owner of a boiler shall submit a requisition in a plain paper, along with the manufacturer's folder, consisting of inspecting authority's certificate of inspection during inspection, makers drawing and manufacturer's test certificate for mountings and fittings. The memorandum of inspection book (MI) are prepared. Calculations are made for heating surface, safe working pressure etc., and they are entered in the MI book. Fees required for inspection is collected before the examination in accordance with the fee structure of Puducherry Boiler Rules, 1988. A Register Number is allotted to the Boiler. The boiler and accessories, its mountings are fittings of all pressure parts are thoroughly examined at site with respect to the manufacturers folder. An hydraulic test is conducted for 1.5 times the maximum working pressure. The results of the inspection are entered in the MI book. The MI book is submitted to the Chief Inspector of Boilers for approval through the Dy. Chief Inspector of Boilers. After approval a provisional order is issued for the use of the boiler mentioning the maximum working pressure for a period of not exceeding six months, pending steam test for certification in form V

Steam Test Regulation 380
Steam Test is conducted within the period of six months from the date of provisional order is issued. This steam is carried out for the purpose of ascertaining whether the safety valves mounted on the Boiler, are sufficient to relieve excess steam in the boiler and whether the safety valves operate at the time when the maximum working pressure is reached. A Certificate is issued in form VI, by the Chief Inspector of Boilers authorizing the use of boiler for period not exceeding twelve months and at a pressure not exceeding such maximum working pressure Steam Pipe Line Regulation 392
Any Steam pipe line drawing shall be approved by Chief Inspector of Boilers, before erection. An application in plain paper with steam pipe line drawing in duplicate, along with original manufacturers certificate of pipes and fittings and scrutiny fee as per the Puducherry Boiler Rules 1988

Transfer of Boiler Regulation 388
Any registered boiler passing from one state to another state, the MI and MR books shall on the request of Chief Inspector of Boiler of the state to which the boiler has been transferred be forwarded to that officer who shall take over the custody and maintain them as herein before prescribed

Boiler Attendants Rule 8 of Puducherry Boiler Attendants Rule, 1972
All the Boiler manufactured under the IBR 1950, shall be operated under the incharge of person holding a Boiler Attendant Certificate of competency namely, I, II and III class certificate. Class Boiler Attendant shall be incharge of boilers having an aggregate heating surface of not exceeding 697 sq.m either a single or battery of boilers in the same premises within a radius of 22.86 meter
Class Boiler Attendant shall be incharge of boilers having an aggregate heating surface not exceeding 139.39 sq.m. consisting of not more than three connected boilers
Class Boiler Attendant shall be incharge of boilers having an aggregate heating surface not exceeding 18.58 sq.m. consisting of not more than two connected boilers.

Exchange Certificate Rule 9 of Puducherry Boilers Attendants Rules, 1972

  1. A person holding a certificate of competency as a boiler attendant granted by a board of Examiner under the corresponding rules in any other state in India shall on application have the certificate endorsed for validity in this Union Territory and such endorsement shall be made by the Chief Inspector
  2. The Certificate granted under the Apprentice Act 1961 shall be endorsed as equivalent to class Certificate of competency

Renewal of Boiler Certificate Section 8 of the Indian Boiler Act, 1923
An application in plain paper accompanied with prescribed fees (calculated as per the fee structure) shall be submitted to the Inspector of Boiler, before the expiry of the period, for which the certificate is granted. The inspector examines, the boiler by open and hydraulic test in the prescribed manner. A renewal certificate is issued authorizing the use of the boiler for a period not exceeding twelve months and at a pressure not exceeding such maximum pressure in accordance with the regulation made under the Act

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