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The Contract Labour 11(regulation And Abolition) Act, 1970

Under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 and Rules 1973 the Labour Officer (Enforcement) had been declared as Licensing Officer to issue license to the registered contractors under section 11 of the said Act.. To grant License under Section 13 the licensing officer may ensure that whether the Principal Employer has obtained certificate of registration required under Section 7 Rule 18 of the Act / Rule. To obtain License, every Contractor under this Act and Rules should submit an application to the Labour Officer (Enforcement) in FORM IV in triplicate under Section 12(1) along with a certificate issued by the Principal Employer in FORM V as per section 21(2) of the Rules and a treasury receipt towards the remittance of Security Deposit of Rs.30/- per head (under Rule 24, which will be refunded at the time of surrender of licence) and the payment of Licence fee at the rates prescribed to Rule 21. The Contractor is required to give declaration and undertaking that the notified minimum wages should be paid to the Contract Labourers. The following persons cannot be deemed to be a contractor under this act and rules: A minor, person of unsound mind and person convicted by a Competent Court or convicted (at any time during the period of five years) any order of abolishment of contract Labour etc. On receipt of the application, the Licensing Officer shall investigate in respect the particulars furnished in application in FORM IV to assess the eligibility of the applicant for issuing Licence. If the licensing officer is not satisfied for the reasons stated under Section 14 may refuse to grant license. Aggrieving by this order appeal may be preferred under Section 15 within 30 days from the date of order. Commissioner of Labour is the appellate authority under Rule 23. On specification of the application in FORM I the Licensing Officer will issue a licence under Section 13 in FORMS XVI under rule 25(1) of the Act and Rules. The number of workmen employed as Contract Labour shall not exceed the maximum number specified to the Licence. No female contract Labour shall be employed before 6.00 a.m. or after 7.00 p.m. The licence shall be renewed under Section 13(3) Rule 29 of the Act read with the FORMS XVII which is valid for one year from the date of issue of license and as per Rule 27, thirty days before the period of expiry. The application for temporary licence shall be made in FORM-VIII of Contract Labour for a period of not more than fifteen days. The Licensing Officer Under Section 14 of the Act is empowered to revoke / suspend and amend the license granted under Section 12. A licence issued under Rule 25 may be amended by the Licensing Officer for good and sufficient reasons. An employment card in FORMS XIV may be issued to each contract worker. A contractor can obtain a temporary license in FORMS XII under Rule 32(2). The Inspectors appointed under this Act would enforce all the statutory provisions and conduct inspections periodically. The Contractor should maintain and produce the following registers at the time of inspection The Principal Employer should maintain Register of Contractors in FORMS XII under Rule 74 Under this Act and rules framed there under every Contractor should send a half yearly return to the licensing officer in FORMS XXIV under Rule 82(1). The facilities like sufficient supply of drinking water, latrines and urinals, washing facilities and first aid facilities shall be provided by the contractor under section 18 and 19 under of the Act Notice showing the rate of wages, hours of work, wage periods, dates of payment of wages, name of the Inspector having jurisdiction shall be displayed in English and in regional language

The necessary prescribed FORMS / Statement under this Act are as follows:-

  1. FORMS XIII under Rule 75, Register of Persons employed
  2. FORMS XIV Rule 76, Register of workmen
  3. FORMS XV Rule 74, Service Register
  4. FORMS XVI, for Muster Roll
  5. FORMS XVII Rule 78(1), Register of Wages
  6. FORM XIX Rule 78 (2)(b), Wage slip
  7. FORM XXI under Rule 78(ii), Register of Fines
  8. FORM XX, Register of damage or loss
  9. FORMS XXIII under Rule 78 (1) (d). Register of over time

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