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Dangerous Manufacturing Process or Operations (Prescribed U/s 87 of The Factories Act, 1948 Read With Rule 105 of The Puducherry Factories Rules, 1964)

  1. Manufacture of aerated water and process incidental there to
  2. Electrolytic plating or oxidation of metal article by use of an electrolyte containing chromic acid or other chromium compounds
  3. Manufacture and repair of electric accumulators
  4. Glass manufacture
  5. Grinding or glazing of metals and processes incidental thereto
  6. Manufacture and treatment of lead and certain compounds of lead
  7. Generation of Gas from dangerous petroleum
  8. Cleaning or smoothing, roughening etc., of articles, by a jet of sand, metal shot, or grit or other abrasive propelled by blast of compressed air or steam
  9. Liming and tanning of rawhides and skins and process incidental thereto
  10. Cellulose spraying
  11. Graphite powdering and processes incidental thereto
  12. Certain lead process carried on in printing presses and type foundries
  13. Cashewnut processing
  14. Dyeing, stenciling and painting of mats, mattings and carpets in coir and fibre factories
  15. Handling and manipulation of corrosive substances
  16. Pottery and ceramic industry
  17. Handling and processing of asbestos, manufacture of any article of asbestos and other process of manufacture or otherwise in which asbestosis used in any form
  18. Chemical Works
  19. Manufacture or manipulation of carcinogenic dyes intermediates
  20. Process of extracting oils and fats from vegetable and animal sources in solvent extraction plants
  21. Manufacture or manipulation of benzene
  22. Carbon disulfide Plant
  23. Manipulation of stone or any other material containing free silica
  24. Highly flammable liquids and flammable compressed gases
  25. Manufacture or manipulation of dangerous pesticides
  26. Operations in foundries
  27. Operations involving high noise levels
  28. Manufacture or manipulation of manganese and its compounds

It is mandatory that workers engaged in certain type of dangerous operations are to be examined by a certifying surgeon once before his appointment and subsequently periodically over a period of time, so that a case history of the person can be constructed and the occupier has to maintain a Health Register in Form 16A

The Medical Inspector of Factories, an inspector of this organization has been notified as the certifying surgeon

Provisions has been made in the rules, so that if any worker is affected, health-wise, due to the nature of job, he is involved the certifying surgeon may direct the occupier to remove the worker from the particular process and give an alternate employment

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