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Establishment of Computerized Information Centre at The Inspectorate of Factories

Objectives It is proposed to create the Computerized data system in the Factory Inspectorate of the Union Territory of Puducherry for the effective monitoring of the implementation of the safety and health and collection and analysis of statistical data. In addition, the computerized system will be essential for the storing and retrieval of data in respect of the following activities:

  1. Details of factories in the state including name and address of the factory, identification number, NIC Code, date of registration, products, number of employees, frequency of inspections, accident dangerous occurrences, investigations enforcement notice, prosecutions etc
  2. The data bases formulated will also help in creating basic information on site data; dangerous chemicals stored, handled and manufactured, particulars of storage vessels operating at high temperatures and pressures; safety reports; safety systems; list of specialists in Major Accident Hazard Control and information on basic and hazardous nature of chemicals (Materials Safety Data). Besides a data bank having been established at Central Labour Institute, Bombay setting up of a data bank at Puducherry, would bring this Union Territory in the National Net Work thereby more information on various safety and health problem in factories could be got without any waste of time
  3. In the year 1997, a post of Data Entry Operator, was created and filled up and as on date, a database of factories in the Union Territory of Puducherry has been designed and developed. A utility package has been developed to carry out addition / deletion of particulars in the data base. The package also helps in calculating statistical information's with in a short period of time
  4. In the future, a local area of network is to be established in the office of the Chief Inspector of Factories and steps are being taken for downloading the required forms and other required information's from the internet by the entrepreneurs

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