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Highlights of The Puducherry Factories Rules, 1964

Under Rule 17 to 54, the health of the workers are being taken care by formulating various yard-sticks for maintenance of cleanliness in factory, provision for ventilation and lighting, maintaining the sound level in the work place, provision of toilet facilities etc

Under Rule 55 to 65(AH), the Safety of the worker has been dealt with. The safety provisions to be followed in certain specific type of industries like cotton textiles, ginning factories, wood working factories, printing presses etc are also prescribed
The maintenance of equipment like Hoists and Lifts, lifting machines, chains, ropes and lifting tackles and pressure vessels are made mandatory and these equipment are to be tested by a competent persons and to be certified in form No. 7A and 8. To enforce this provision as per the powers vested with the Chief Inspector of Factories under Rule 2A, the Chief Inspector of Factories has notified a list of technical experts as competent persons

Rule 66 to 81(A) deals with welfare of the workers. Here provisions for washing facilities, canteen, dinning halls, ambulance rooms, crèches etc. are framed

Working Hours of Adults
Rule 82 to 93 regulates the working hours of workers, payment of overtime, restricts double employment, maintenance of workers registers etc

Employment of Young Persons
Rule 94 and 95 deals with employment of young persons and regulations and the registers to be maintained are prescribed

Leave With Wages
The leave facilities for workers and the registers to be maintained in this regard are dealt under Rule 96 to 104

Special Provisions
Under Rule 105, the various safety provisions to be followed and the health care to be taken in dangerous manufacturing process or operations are prescribed. Twenty-eight process / operations have been notified as dangerous manufacturing activity

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