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Welfare measures

(i). Child Labour Cell : As per the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court passed in a Writ Petition No.465/1986 filed by Shri. M.C. Mehta against the State of Tamilnadu and Others, a separate cell viz. “Child Labour Cell” has been created which has been rechristened as Office of the Labour officer (Welfare Schemes) which is not only monitoring the implementation of various directions of the judgment but also the eradication of the child labour in the Union territory of Puducherry.

(ii). Functions of the Rural Labour Welfare Centre:- There are 8 Rural Labour Welfare Centres functioning under the control of Labour Department, Puducherry at (1) Mudaliarpet, (2) Ariyankuppam, (3) Gandhinagar, (4) Villianur, (5) Koodapakkam, (6) L.R.Palayam, (7) Madagadipet and (8) Sedarapet. In addition to the above there are three centres in Karaikal, two centres in Mahe and one centre in Yanam. The womenfolk hailing from labourers’ families are given free training in self employment skills to supplement their family income.

(iii). ESI Scheme: As per the agreement entered into between the ESI Corporation, New Delhi and this Government under Section 58(3) of the ESI Act full range of medical services viz., out patient services, specialist services and Hospital services are provided to the insured workers.

(iv). Puducherry Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board: The Labour Department has constituted the Puducherry Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board in 2002. The Board has enlisted 53 categories of construction workers for enrollment. Further, the board has extended various welfare benefits to the enrolled workers such as (1) Maternity benefit, (2) Medical assistance, (3) Scholarship to the wards of the registered workers, (4) Deepavali Gift, (5) Death benefit (Natural death & Accident death), (6) Funeral Assistance, (7) Insurance premium to LIC (Fresh/renewal), (8) Marriage assistance, (9) Medical accident benefit and (10) Refund of subscription fee. There are 29,845 members in the Board at present and are availing the schemes being implemented by the Board.

(v). Puducherry Unorganized Labourers Welfare Society: To cater to the welfare of the unorganized workers, the Department has constituted the Puducherry Unorganized Labourers Welfare Society under the Society registration Act in 2001. The Society has its branch offices each one at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions. The Society has enlisted 28 categories of unorganized workers for enrollment. The Government of Puducherry is providing Grant-in-aid to the Society. 26,094 number of workers enrolled in the Society are covered under the Aam Admi Beema Yojana Scheme of LIC of India for extension of various benefits.

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